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Dr. Erik Brace grew up in Metro Detroit. He has had a passion for chiropractic since childhood when he would watch what his uncle, the late Dr. Joe Brace, was doing for the health and wellness of Wayne County. After graduating from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science, he knew there was only one path to consider. He would go to the fountainhead of chiropractic and the place where it all began, Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

During his nearly four years of rigorous and intensive coursework, Dr. Erik discovered an interesting adjusting technique called Torque Release Technique. This research-backed technique uses a small, hand-held instrument, called an Integrator, which delivers a gentle, specific, and safe adjustment. Dr. Erik is one of only five chiropractors in Michigan who are trained and certified to use this cutting-edge technique!

Before graduating, however, Dr. Erik had only one more thing to do: marry his college sweetheart, Audrey, a teacher. After finishing up at Palmer, they packed their bags for the only place they could call home, the great state of Michigan.

After much deliberation and a whole lot of praying, Dr. Erik decided that Rochester Hills would be the place that he would lay down roots and open his family-based practice, Embrace Life Chiropractic. Aside from being a play on his last name, Embrace Life sums up Dr. Erik’s philosophy of what chiropractic can do for a community. From day one, Dr. Erik has taken a proactive, wellness stance towards health, rather than a reactive, symptom-treatment view. In other words, he seeks to prevent illness and pain, as opposed to only treating the symptoms, unlike the majority of the health profession today.

Chiropractor Rochester Hills MI Dr. Erik Brace And Family

His mission is to truly help people thrive, not just survive. His goal is to help men, women, children, and infant truly embrace all of the joys this life has to offer.

When he is not in the office, Dr. Erik can be found with his wife and two dogs enjoying the great outdoors. Together, they enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, and enjoying all the the Lord has to offer! And, when the season comes around, they are huge football fans (Go Lions!)

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