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At Embrace Life Chiropractic in Rochester Hills, MI, we utilize Torque Release Technique (TRT) as well as specific manual adjustment. TRT is a cutting-edge technique firmly grounded in research that was intended to challenge the validity of chiropractic. From this research, we know that TRT is one of the most consistent, safe, and effective techniques in the world, not to mention, one of the most gentle. Dr. Brace is one of only five chiropractors in Michigan trained and certified to administer TRT with The Integrator.

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Without chiropractic care in Rochester Hills, MI subluxations, or spinal misalignments, cause irritation and inflammation of the nerves. These nerves are responsible for carrying messages from the brain to every cell, muscle, and tissue in the body. When these messages are unable to be delivered, we end up with conditions such as asthma, allergies, fatigue, and pain to name just a few.

TRT adjustments utilize a small hand-held mechanism known as The Integrator which delivers a quick adjustment through a gentle touch and light thrusting. In fact, this tool was developed from the research of the largest human population study in chiropractic history!

This low-force method releases tension at the spinal cord by correcting subluxations of the spinal segment. When these subluxations are corrected, your functioning and overall health improves and you are better equipped to truly embrace life.

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