Chiropractic Testimonials

“I Was Tired of Taking So Many Medications!”

Ashley suffered from fibromyalgia, resulting in chronic aches and pains from head to toe, especially in the feet. Even the simplest tasks like walking were unbearable. Her primary care doc and Rheumatologist offered more pills and false hope. Fed up, she sought out alternatives. Although a skeptic of chiropractic, she gave it a shot. The results were instantaneous! Today, she continues to drive an hour to and from our office to avoid the medication and remain pain-free.

“I Now Have the Energy to Live My Life!”

When Sue noticed she was feeling chronically fatigued and slumping at her desk, she knew what she needed to do: see a chiropractor (her grandfather was a chiropractor)! Unfortunately, she was just not getting results, so she followed her grandma’s advice and sought out a new doc, eventually discovering Dr. Erik’s practice. Although impressed by the technology, she swore she wouldn’t join the office because it was too long of a commute. Today, she continues to drive thirty minutes to get adjusted, raving that Dr. Erik’s care has given her the energy to do what she loves most: gardening!

"I’m a skeptic by nature. When I met Erik (he wasn’t “Dr. Erik” yet…) in undergrad, he told me he was going to be a chiropractor. That meant little to me. Perhaps like you, the term chiropractic recalled visions of backs, necks, and sports injuries. Boring, but uh good for him.

Three years later we were newlyweds living in Davenport, Iowa, home to Palmer College of Chiropractic where chiropractic as we know it began. It is here that I became a guinea pig for my husband and his buddies. Still, I didn’t have high expectations for chiropractic, nor did I value it. I wondered why a healthy twenty-something like me needed care usually reserved for old men and athletes. I was healthy enough; I wasn’t overweight, I ran semi-frequently, and I ate what I considered a healthy diet (i.e. not McDonald’s). Like most Americans, I bought into this twisted, incomplete definition of health.

Over time, however, I was exposed to a complete and accurate explanation of what healthy looks and feels like. (But, that’s a topic for another day!) Today, I simply want to share my chiropractic testimonial, especially for those of you who might be suffering needlessly as I was.

Allow me to paint a picture of this so-called healthy me. At twenty-three I was plagued by chronic, painful UTIs. Doctors also found pre-cervical cancer cells which had to be surgically removed. Furthermore, I’d been a lifetime sufferer of anxiety. Crowded restaurants, malls, and unfamiliar places and situations in general left me flushed, breathing heavily, sweating, and even crying. It was embarrassing for me to have to explain to friends and family why I was behaving as I was, and it made social events with me a true nightmare. It got to the point where I no longer wanted to make plans with friends unless I knew exactly when and where we were going, how long we would be there, and who else would be present. Eventually, friends simply stopped trying to make plans with me.

The UTIs were treated conventionally-with antibiotics. When the first brand didn’t work, I was prescribed bigger, stronger drugs until docs were finally left scratching their heads at my condition. Finally, through my own research and confirmation by a urologist, it was discovered that I was suffering less from UTIs and more from an uncommon, under-researched disease called Interstitial Cystitis. The symptoms, of course, imitated the excruciating, unceasing symptoms of a UTI.

Perhaps, I thought, I wasn’t healthy at all…

Once Erik became a licensed doctor, I started getting adjusted regularly and more often with Torque Release Technique, as opposed to manual adjustments. While our office has had its share of miraculous, success-stories, my story took a bit longer.

One day Erik asked if I still suffered with IC, to which I had to answer honestly, “Oh, I’m not sure!” Had I grown so accustomed to the pain, the sense of urgency that I was no longer bothered by it, or was it gone? So, I made a point to watch for the symptoms that once plagued me, and to my surprise, they were virtually gone! GONE!

Unfortunately, I was still dealing with a lot of anxiety. But, little by little, things began to change. I noticed myself being able to partake in social events more often. I noticed I was worrying and fretting over the little things less often than usual. Finally, I noticed my symptoms had all but disappeared. This was truly and absolutely life-changing. I was no longer living under the heavy weight of those anxious thoughts.

This was life changing. Today, I can honestly say I suffer from anxiety attacks maybe once a year. I’m no longer skeptical of chiropractic, but rather of modern medicine. If you find yourself feeling miserable and anxious day in and day out, know that you are suffering needlessly and make the decision to change by taking control of your health…TODAY."

- Audrey (Dr. Erik’s Wife) 

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